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Family Intervention


a family intervention is a great way to break through

Family Intervention is typically the most important part of convincing the addict to seek the help that is needed.

During any Intervention it is the loved ones, the family, which can have the most impact on the addict’s desire to seek help. Family Intervention brings together those closest to the addict or alcoholic in a cohesive intervention team. It is the family that carries the weight of the addict’s behaviors.

It is the family where the addict or alcoholic’s behaviors cause the most damage.

Family Intervention is the key to changing the addict’s behavior.

Often, family members of the alcoholic or addict feel frustrated, unsure, confused and afraid. Sometimes family members don't want to admit that the addict’s broken promises and abuse are victimizing them as well.

Other times, with the best of intentions, they believe that "just one more chance" will allow the alcoholic or addict to regain control over his life. Family Intervention joins the family members together with the strength and love necessary to bring the addict the life-changing help that is needed.