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The Solution Process


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Helping the Addict to Seek Treatment

(Addiction is an equal opportunity disease. Only for simplicity is the addict describes as "he" throughout this site)
Usually, motivating the addict to seek treatment starts when you realize he may be unable to help himself and needs you to act in his best interest.
While you still love him and have concern for his health, you must resolutely refuse to share his warped "life in a bottle" perspective.

Plan of Action Then you need a plan of action to get him to accept professional help at a treatment facility. There is a method that can help, called "Intervention," which allows you to help a problem drinker even if he does not now want help.

What is Intervention?

Intervention is a group process to motivate the alcoholic to enter a treatment program for his disease. After intervention the alcoholic usually will feel the need for professional assistance. Intervention calls for you to join together with other people to create a caring crisis for him. The caring crisis of the intervention shows the alcoholic the effects of his drinking upon both himself and those closest to him.
An arranged meeting brings together the alcoholic with members of his family, friends, personal physician, employer, co-workers, minister or others who have closely observed the harmful effects of alcohol upon his life. The intervention creates a potential turning point in the alcoholic's life by presenting a fairly full and realistic picture of the harm that his drinking is causing.